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The chassis continues to take shape

The next area to look at is the chassis and fitting the Rotary Engine and gearbox so that the integrity of the original chassis was not compromised in that the strength of my design section of new chassis is as strong or stronger than the original Van-Dieman.

The Chassis & engine after the first cut.

The Chassis & engine after the first cut.

There was a lot of procrastination before I took the grinder to cut the car, knowing that it was a perfectly good chassis and that I could do more harm than good, but it needed to be done if I was to forge ahead with the project.

The photo shows the cut chassis and the donor rotary engine (more…)

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Adapting Rotary Engine to the Gearbox on Rotary Hillclimb Racing Project

Adapting Rotary Engine to the Gearbox on Rotary Hillclimb Racing Project.
So far it has been a simple process I have just shelled out some cash to get a chassis and record information off a known complete chassis, but now the hard work is about to begin, I now have to work-out how to graft the engine and gearbox on to the rear of the Formula Ford chassis.

Rotary Hillclimb Adaptor Plate

Rotary Hillclimb Adaptor Plate

This started with deciding on what gearbox to use, if money was no option I would have used a Hewland or Quafe Gearbox but these were well outside the budget for the project, so after some investigating I decided to use a Renault UN5 gearbox. I purchased a rebuilt Renault UN5 box from “Geoff” at Euro-Speed in Geebung on 19-1-08 this box also had a modification to the housing to support the crown-wheel for high horsepower applications, this was suggested to me by Geoff and after suffering from gearbox breakages on the previous car I thought this was a no brainer. (more…)

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Purchase of Rotary Hillclimb Racing Chassis

The new chassis.

The new Project is to build a new Rotary Hillclimb Racing Car (RPV02 Van Dieman RF92).

I purchased a second hand chassis on the 9th Feb 2008 after selling the previous car (RPV01).  The photo attached is of the chassis as I placed it down in my garage / home workshop, I purchased the chassis only, with no suspension or steering it is made of chrome-molly steel and the outer body work is fiberglass.  The front arms in the photo were on loan so I could get some idea of what they looked like.

Chassis as purchased

Chassis as purchased

I purchased this from Mark Cotrell who had originally purchased the car with the intensions of using parts of it to build himself a sports racing car.  (more…)

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