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Making Wet weather Tyres for the rotary hillclimb racing car RPV02

Making Wet weather Tyres out of old Slicks.

After running this new car for over 1 year and running a hillclimbs in the wet with full slicks, I thought that I would try to reduce the risk of rain at up-coming Hillclimbs by making a full set of wet weather grooved slicks. Hopefully just like when ironically after you have washed your car that it rains, I hope that when I actually have wet tyres that it will reduce the possibility of rain.

To do this I looked at different designs of the grooved wet weather tyres that are currently being used in motorsport. After much consideration I designed my own profile to cut grooves.

Marked out Slick

Firstly I marked-out the design that it wanted onto the front tyres with white marker pen. (more…)

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Results Queensland Hillclimb Championships – Mt Cotton 2010

QHC HILLCLIMB Results 5th & 6th June 2010.

Once again the Queensland Hillclimb Championships were blessed with the best winter weather that Queensland has to offer.

With 75 people entered and ready for a great weekend of hillclimbing. Saturday’s practice had a few highlights and just a many lowlights one of which was the crash of Douglas Barry’s Lola as he went through the finish line, the result of this crash had 3 wheels torn off the chassis and the car was damaged and unable to be repaired to get it ready for Sundays official runs, but I am sure that Douglas will get the car fixed soon. One of the other mishaps that occurred on the Saturday was the Mazda MX5 of Desley Collins who rolled as she came out of the 2nd loop, up the bank then over on to the roof. Desley was Ok but the car was badly damaged.

Some Racing Cars in the pits at the QHC 2010 - Mt Cotton.


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Results Mt Cootha Classic Hillclimb 2010

Mt Cootha Classic Hillclimb Results 29th & 30th May 2010

This was the 2nd annual Mt Cootha Classic and a total of 143 cars ready to attack the Mt Cootha track. On Saturday the competitors were ready and willing but the weather had other ideas as clouds rolled in the rain started and rain fell on and off all day. The runs on Saturday were very wet with just a few cars having some moments but most made it without any major problems.

Mt Cootha Classic Hillclimb Track - Brisbane (more…)

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