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Fitting New Cooling Fans to the rotary hillclimb racing car RPV02


We have been running the new rotary hillclimb racing car for a few months now and during this time the car has performed very well with only a few issues.

Most of the Hillclimb’s have been run in coolers temperature but now as our Queensland summer temperatures are getting hotter the car has been running hotter and forcing out radiator fluid into the catch tank when running at higher temperatures at longer events. I think that the reason that this is happening is that when the Formula Ford Van dieman was designed it did not have a front wing. Now that I have fitted the front and rear wings the air flow around the car has been changed and the radiators are not getting clean air to allow the radiators to cool the engine. To fix this issue I have decided to fit 2 small cooling fans one on each radiator.

New Cooling Fan ready to be fitted
The photo above is the new Davies Craig 8” cooling fan ready to be fitted to the car. (more…)

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