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Introduction to Rotary Hillclimb Racing Blog

I hope that you will find this blog informative and interesting. Rotary Hillclimb, is an inside look of building and racing a Rotary Hillclimb Racing car from my point of view and hopefully other like-minded people with rotary engine hillclimb racing cars in Queensland.

What have I done to date on this subject? Some 12 years back I wanted to go racing but I did not have the funds. I found that Hillclimb Racing was as excellent form of racing with good value bang for bucks. To participate in this form of motorsport I needed a car and in my opinion the only class I wanted to race in was the outright class, which is Formula Libra (Single Seat Open-Wheeler). As my (Very understanding) wife Suzy and I had just purchased our first home and money was tight so the only way to fund this was for me to build my own car, as to purchase an open-wheeler was out of the question.

Previous Car RPV01 at Mt Cotton Warwick Driving

Previous Car RPV01 at Mt Cotton Warwick Driving

It took me 2 years to build my first car and I raced it for 10 years with reasonably good results, (more…)

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